Lara Gilles is a photographer and retoucher now based in Essen (Germany) focusing on beauty and fashion.
Originally from Luxembourg, where she was born in 1992, she soon discovered her passion for photography and moved to Berlin in 2013 to study photography at UE (former BTK). She graduated with a bachelor of arts in 2017. Since then she is living and working in Essen/NRW,
 Germany, but also available worldwide.

Her photography has an aesthetical nature and she enjoys to capture unique beauties in their most pleasing way. She loves the clean and classic image for her commercial work.
Lara expresses her style through elegance and produces colourful stories, which are published worldwide in a variety of magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Elle, L'Officiel, Glamour to name a few.

Retouching Clients:

JBL, Tamara Williams, Oliver Rudolph, Tina Eisen, Marius Sperlich, Maria Strehl, Nina Neverland, Christine Eckardt, Optique Moitzheim, Sophia Beck, Bojan Stanic, 23 APT, Jason Douglas, icemecri, Antwon Maxwell, Zalando, Lashbox LA.

Artdeco, NAILD, Anastasia Cosmetics, Laradi Makeup, Jessica Paszka, Filiz Dikmen, Lea Pozzi, Sonja Janssen, Sukico, Harper's Bazaar (Serbia), Elle (Bulgaria), Glamour (Spain, Brasil, Bulgaria), Cosmopolitan (Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine), Grazia (Serbia), L'Officiel (AU, Lithuania), Design Scene, MOD Magazine.

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